Indian Visa for US Citizens

India is a spectacular country and one of those countries with large populations in the world. It has numerous tourist destinations that most people only hear about. US citizens mostly hear about India and all the amazing perks it offers, but they have never been here. The reason being, some don’t have the time to go and apply for a visa and fly to India. We respect how busy US citizens are but going for vacation doesn’t have to take a lot of time to prepare for.
Have you ever heard of e-visa to India? Technology has made it easier for US citizens to travel to India today. The application process is seamless and doesn’t consume much of your time. You can do it at the comfort of your couch at home. Everything is done online and you receive everything electronically. All you need to do is board a plane (which is the only thing you can’t do online) and enjoy India. Getting an electronic visa is simple and we guide you every step of the application process. Get the right to travel to India and the permission without having to go to the embassy or have a stamp or label on your passport.

How to apply

The application process is simple. However, you have to fulfill several requirements for you to be eligible to apply or pass the application process. The process of getting an Indian visa for US citizens is straightforward, and it’s as follows.
• You apply online where you fill a form with all your personal details and other information. Upload your photo and the passport page.
• Pay the e-sVisa fee. This is also done online via credit, debit card or any other payment wallet.
• After passing the application process and you are eligible to travel, you receive an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online. This is sent directly to your mail, and all you have to do is print it out.
• The next thing is you on a plane going to India for any purpose, be it tourism, business, or medical.
The good thing with e-visa is that you don’t have to go to the consulate and provide any papers. Everything is done online and you are guided through the entire process. US citizens take visa applications seriously and we understand that. But how does it feel applying for a visa at the comfort of your home? You get to relax and apply for a visa at the same time.

Why get an electronic visa?

Most of the US citizens take time to get a visa by submitting papers to the consulate. All this is good and reassuring but what if you really need to travel to India and you don’t have all the time to go to the consulate now and then? Filling all the application forms physically and waiting in line to submit your documents. All this is tiresome and time-consuming while it can all be done online. The time you take waiting in line can be used to finish another vital task.
With an electronic visa, the application form is filled online and all you have to do is submit and wait as you accomplish another task. Simple

What documents do you need for the Indian e-visa online application?

Before you start the Indian e-visa online application process, you need the following:

• A valid passport
• A credit or debit card
Compare this to the numerous times you have to take your documents to the consulate. The applicant has to make sure their passport is valid before starting the application. The passport should be at least six months valid minimum on the expected time of entry to India.

The Indian e-visa online application is simple and can be broken down as follows:

1) Get the application form
2) Read and understand the terms and conditions
3) Fill in all your personal details
4) Enter the passport details
5) Link your debit or credit card
6) Submit the application
7) Receive the ETA in your mail

The best time to apply for the Indian e-visa online application is now. Don’t waste time, get your right and permission to travel to India seamlessly. Choose the fast, secure and straightforward way to get your travel authorization.Indian Visa for US Citizens

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