Indian visa for Irish citizens

The India e-Visa is an electronic permit to enter India for business, tourist, or medical purposes. You do not have to submit your passport or other personal documents to the consulate to apply for an e-visa. The entire application is made online. Our website makes it easy to apply for an e-visa for India.

Indian visas for Irish citizens are issued for tourists, business travelers, and medical stays.

Types of India e-visa for Irish

  • For tourist purposes, the stay can no longer than 90 days from the date of first entry; certain nationalities are exempt from the visa requirement for up to 180 days.
  • For business purposes, the stay can no longer than 180 days from the date of first entry. All business visa applicants are granted the right to multiple entries to India under this visa category.
  • For medical purposes, the stay cannot more than three entries within 60 days from the date of first entry.
  • For attending conferences, the stay cannot more than one entry within 30 days of the date of entry.

Requirements to apply for eVisa to India online

  • Valid passport (with a validity of at least six months when applying for visa)
  • The passport must have two blank pages and be valid for at least six months after entering India, only citizens of the visa waiver country (including Ireland) can apply for an e-visa
  • The application must be made at least four days and a maximum of 120 days before entering India
  • You must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate if you have Are a citizen of or arrive from one of the following countries.

Frequently asked questions about Indian eVisa for Irish

Who can apply for India Visa online?

Citizens of 161 countries, including Ireland, can apply for the India e-Visa. The e-visa is intended to enable international travelers to enter India for tourist, business, and medical purposes.

Travelers whose spouses, parents, or grandparents were born in Pakistan or who were ever Pakistani nationals cannot apply for an India e-Visa. You have to apply for a conventional visa.

Is it for multiple entries?

The India e-Visa works for multiple entries allows a stay of up to 90 days from the date of first entry for tourist purposes and a stay of up to 180 days from the time of entry for business purposes. Canadian, Japanese, British and American citizens are entitled to stays of up to 180 days for tourist purposes.

Why should I apply for Indian eVisa online?

All people traveling to India must have a valid visa.

The application for a conventional visa requires the submission of the original passport and the application documents. The visa is stamped on the passport.

Nowadays, citizens of certain countries such as Ireland can apply for a visa online for their tourist, business, and medical trips and receive their visa in electronic form. You will obtain a physical visa upon entering India, where you will also give your fingerprints.

Can I apply for an Indian eVisa at the airport?

No, the visa for India cannot be applied for at the airport. All visas, including e-visas, must be applied before travel. Most airlines do not allow boarding without a visa.

Is the e-Visa for India valid for boat trips?

The e-visa for India only allows entry through the five seaports. They are Chennai, Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, and Mumbai.

Return journeys can take place from any authorized Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) in India. Please apply for the traditional India visa if you plan to enter through another port of entry.

What should I prepare if I arrive by land?

The e-visa for India is only valid for entry via certain airports or seaports. All persons who enter India by land or via an airport/seaport not included in the list. Therefore, you must be able to show a conventional visa on your passport upon entry.

How long is the e-Visa valid for India?

India e-visas for business and tourists are valid for one year from electronic approval. Business and tourist e-visa holders can enter India several times, with a stay of up to 90 days for tourist purposes and up to 180 days for business purposes. For tourist purposes, certain nationalities are allowed to stay for up to 180 days. Start your order below to see if you are eligible for a visa.

E-Visa for medical purposes is valid for up to 60 days from the date of entry in India. E-Visa for medical purposes allows you to get triple entry.

Can I apply for a new e-visa or have an existing one extended during my stay in India?

An e-visa for India cannot be extended, and it is not possible to apply for an e-visa from India and then use it within India.Indian visa for Irish citizens

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