Indian Visa for Australian Citizens

If you are soon planning to travel to India, one of the first things you will need is to know how to apply for an Indian visa. The eVisa to India and its requirements depend on your country of origin and the passport with which you access the country. We have created this article to provide you with all the information and help you apply for the visa that suits you best on your trip to India.

1.How to process your visa step by step

Here we leave you the updated information to process the electronic tourist visa, e-tourist, or e-Visa for Indian tourism for Spaniards, Chileans, Argentines, Colombians, Uruguayans, Mexicans, and other Latin American countries.

2.Indian Visa online. Options by the time of stay

For all nationalities noted above, the tourist visa that is applied can be chosen by time of stay as follows:

• 30 days in low season (April to June)
• 30 days in high season (July to March)
• 1-year multi-entry visa
• 5 years multi-entry visa

3. How multi-entry India Visa works for one to five years?

Stays of up to 90 days in the country with a maximum of 300 days per year. That is, during the year, you can enter and leave India but not exceed the maximum days of stay in your visits.Indian visa requirements for Australians and all nationalities. Once you know how your online visa to India works, these are the requirements that you must complete on the official website of the government of India:

• Passport valid 6 months old (6 months before the expiration date).
• Digital Photo with White Background
• Fill in the form with your data (do not confuse the form to be presented at the face-to-face embassy, with the form you have to fill out for the online procedure).

4. What should I take into account when I am processing my visa?

We advise you to have on hand when you are filling in your information. Keep in mind that they will ask you for a postal address in India and destinations that you are going to visit. You can give the address of your first hotel reservation in this section, for example. You should make sure that once you have completed and paid the fees, your application appears as accepted. Although it is not an official requirement, it is very likely that at the airport you will be required to present a flight ticket to leave the country. After all of the online process, you have to wait. We recommend you to do the procedure at least one week in advance of the trip. Then, we will send you the document to the email address you fill when signing in. This will be your visa document that will be presented at the entrance to the country.

Airports you can go through which you can enter the country with eVisa

With your processed E-Visa, you will be able to enter the country through the following airports and ports, remember that this electronic visa modality is not valid if you enter India through a land border crossing.

Here are the airports you can enter with eVisa:

• Bagdogra
• Ahmedabad
• Amritsar
• Bengaluru (Bangalore)
• Chandigarh
• Delhi
• Gaya
• Calicut
• Chennai
• Goa
• Jaipur
• Cochin
• Coimbatore
• Guwahati
• Hyderabad
• Kolkata (Calcutta)
• Mangalore
• Mumbai (Bombay)
• Nagpur
• Lucknow
• Madurai
• Tiruchirapalli
• Trivandrum
• Varanasi
• Port Blair (Andaman)
• Pune
• and VishakhapatnamIndian Visa for Australian Citizens

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