Indian tourist visa for Argentines

Indian tourist visa for Argentines

If you want to visit the Republic of India, but you do not know if you reach the budget, we have good news. The Indian tourist visa for Argentines can be processed online.

Obtaining an Indian visa for Argentina is now more accessible than ever. Previously, people needed to make a trip to the Indian embassy. Now, it can be done at home. All you need is a computer or smartphone with an Internet connection. Although, you still have to make sure you qualify the requirements.

Recently, India e-visa can be requested by more than 150 different nationalities, and Argentina is one of them.

1.How India Electronic Visa Works

This is a new method that many countries in the world are implementing, which significantly facilitates the visa process. You can do it from home at least 4-5 days before your trip. You have to go to our website and click on “e-Visa Application,” fill in the form with your information, upload a passport photo and a PDF copy of our passport that does not “weigh” more than 300kb, pay the fees for the eVisa and wait for the confirmation email!
Within a maximum period of 72 hours, you will receive a payment confirmation email. A few days later, you will receive another email. It will notify you if your visa has been approved or denied and will give you an ID code. Then, you will need to print your e-tourist visa for India.Indian tourist visa for Argentines

2.Indian eVisa Limitation

It is essential to emphasize that this type of online visa has certain limitations. To start the whole process, you have to do it in English, and you can only request this type of visa three times per year at most. It also has a maximum duration of 60 days and cannot be extended.
The eVisa is valid if you are making a trip to India by air. So, if you travel by land, the e-visa is not useful for you, and you will need to process the traditional visa, as explained in the following section. For example, if you travel from India to Nepal, which is a fairly common route and you want to return to India again by the road, you will not be able to use this visa.

3.Indian Visa Requirements

The Indian embassy, unlike most, does not grant permissions and has a subcontracted company for such a task. So, you will have to make your e-visa to India online.
There are many types of visas available depending on the reason for your visit, from work visas to tourism. It should be noted that tourist visas can be requested for a period of 6 months to 1-year maximum and are multiple entries. However, you cannot be in the country for more than 90 consecutive days within the validity period of your visa.


• Passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity and two blank pages.
• 2 photographs with the white background of the standard size of India (2 × 2 ″ inches).
• Fill out the online Indian Visa form on our website
• Sign the Declaration of the correct data
• Children under 12 years of age need to fill out the authorization form signed by both parents with copies of their passports or ID and family book.
• The data of your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to pay the service fee.
• Once you get your e-Visa, it will be valid for 1 year after issuance, and you can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days Total.

Apart from having to present all the required documentation, you must be physically in Argentine at the time of the application.
If you have been in Argentine residents for more than two years, you can apply for your visa for India from Argentine. You will need the same documentation as an Argentine citizen in addition to a certificate of registration issued with a date not exceeding 180 days. You will also need to submit the reference form duly completed and in capital letters.

5.Special permits to visit the Northwest states of India (the seven sisters)

Many travelers have commented on the Internet that individual permissions are required to attend the Northwest states. There are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura, known as the seven sisters. This is no longer necessary. Currently, there is no special permission required.

In the only state where you will be asked for a “special permit” is in Sikkim, the state that is between Nepal, China, and Buthan. Fortunately, it is free to request the special permit and is requested directly at the state border post. You have to fill out a physical form, attach a passport photo, and a photocopy of your passport and visa from India. They will put a stamp in your passport and go.Indian tourist visa for Argentines

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