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What is E-Visa to India?

E-Visa to India

e-Visa to India is the authorization which is permitted electronically to allow people who want to go to India for medical, business, or tourism purposes get the right to travel. It is an electronic travel authorization system that grants you the permission to enter India. The Indian e-Visa does not require a label or stamp to be placed in the applicant's passport.

When applying for India e-Visa, you don't have to submit your documents such as passport and the others to the consulate since the entire process is accomplished online.

How Do You Apply for e-Visa to India Online?

The process of applying for Indian e-tourist or e-Visa online is simple and straightforward. However, there are several requirements you have to fulfill in order to be eligible for the application process.

eVisa to India - Application form

Documents Required for One to Qualify for the e-Visa to India Application

Prior to applying for the Indian e-Visa online, you will be required to have several documents including:

  • A valid passport
  • A debit or credit card
As an applicant, you must make sure your passport is valid before you start your Indian e-Visa application process. Your passport should be valid six months at the minimum on the expected period of entrance to India. It is therefore important to check the validity of your passport prior to submitting an application.

Personal Details Required

To successfully apply and get your e-Visa for India, you will also require to provide several of your personal information when filling in the application form.

Some of the personal information requirements you must submit include:

  • Full name as it is appearing on your passport
  • Passport details
  • Contact information
  • An email address
  • Place and date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender

Apply for Indian E-visa in 3 easy steps!

Apply online for an eTA

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for an E-Visa to India

India visa application

indian visa application

Step 1: Getting the Application Form

Visit our Indian e-Visa application service by clicking our website to get the process to adhere to. This will direct you to an online application form that you will need to enter the required information correctly.

Apply online for an eTA
india visa application

Step 2 : Reading the Terms and Conditions

Once you have acquired your online form for e-Visa to India application, read carefully the terms and conditions for application before you progress with the process. The terms and conditions to read will be accompanied with an empty box that you will be required to click in order to confirm you have accepted or agreed with everything indicated.

india visa

Step 3 : Filling in Your Personal Details

The first actual application process will require you to enter your personal details on the empty spaces you find on the first page of the online form you access from our website. Some of the personal details you will have to provide include, your full name as it appears in the passport, place and date of birth, national identification number, nationality, gender, email address, and education qualification among others.

india e visa

Step 4: Entering your Passport Details

This step will require you to provide your passport details as they appear on your real passport document.

Some of the passport details to provide include:

  • your passport number
  • date of issue
  • place of issue
  • date of expiry

e visa india

Step 5: Linking Your Credit or Debit Card

Once you have provided all of your personal details requested in the first and second step, you'll then have to link your payment information by entering either your credit card or debit card information. This is important to ensure the required payments are processed online and within the shortest time possible.

indian e visa

Step 6: Submitting Your Application

After you have provided your details and the required payment option, revise and proofread your work to check if everything is correct or as required. Edit any errors present and once you are satisfied with your application click the submit option provided on the website. Once you click SUBMIT APPLICATION, a text will be sent immediately to inform you if your application was successfully submitted. If your application is successful, you will get a message on that email address you used when filling your personal details informing you when you'll get your ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).


Step 7: Receive ETA Online

The Electronic Travel Authorization will then be sent to your email address at the exact period you were informed to expect it. Once you get your ETA online, print and present it at the Immigration Check Post for your e-Visa to be stamped on your passport. You can now happily travel to India.

The Ideal Time to Apply for the Indian E-Tourist Visa

E-Visa to India

The e-tourist visa application process requires to be accomplished online at least four days or utmost 120 days prior to your intended period of travel. Once you apply successfully for the e-Visa to India, you'll get your e-Visa in your email id. Take a printout of that e-visa you receive in your email id and submit it to the relevant authority.

Benefits of Choosing Indian E-Visa Service

With Indian e-Visa service, the entire process is accomplished online from any place, which means it is time-saving and much more convenient. Moreover, you can find few more advantages:

1. Opportunity to Double Check your Application

Choosing Indian e-Visa service means you get the chance to double check your information before submitting your application online. In case of any errors the application will not go through. This ensures you don't have to reapply multiple times so that you can produce the exact information needed.

indian e visa

2. The Entire Process is Accomplished Online

The entire process involved in the application is done online. Provided you have a device such as smartphone or laptop with stable internet you can handle the whole application process while at the comfort of your couch.

india e visa

3. Round-the-Clock Customer Support

The Indian e-Visa service provider offers 24/7 customer support. If you are not sure about anything involved in the application process, or for any other inquiry, as an Indian e-Visa service provider, we guarantee you with online professional support wherever and whenever you are in need. Purposes of Visit to Get the Indian E-Visa

There are several reasons that can enable you to get the e-Visa to India including, for business, tourist, and medical purposes. The India medical e-Visa is valid for up to sixty days from the day of entry into the country. Indian tourist and business e-Visas are valid currently for one year from the period of electronic approval.